The global market for wastewater treatment products and services is booming. Sales of delivery equipment, instrumentation and process equipment, as well as treatment chemicals for everything from clean drinking water to the ultra-pure water necessary for sophisticated industrial production processes, are forecast to increase at a 10.4 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and exceed $93 billion by 2016.


Degrémont Industries, a France-based multinational, and a leader in municipal and industrial water treatment solutions, recently announced that it has chosen its subsidiary, Anderson Water Systems in Dundas, Ontario, as the home for a new Global Technical Competence Centre for Ion Exchange. The centre will become a global hub for conducting highly specialized ion exchange research to help meet those future global demands.

Ion exchange involves replacing undesirable ions in wastewater with clean ones. The particular chemical exchange and method depends on the industrial facility and the kind of wastewater produced.


Anderson Water has been a leader in the field for more than half a century, and holds a number of patents for ion and other water purification technologies. Major clients include power plants, refineries, chemical production facilities, pulp and paper mills and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

"These industries need unpolluted water for sensitive industrial processes," explains Anderson chief operating officer Kelly Froelich. "Our ion exchange methods can take clean water and make it ultra-pure."

Anderson was bought by Degrémont in 2000 to develop and provide customized solutions rather than simply "off-the-shelf" products. Depending on the specific need, Anderson helps companies clean and purify water through ultraviolet disinfection, sophisticated membranes, or the latest in sludge-reduction technology.

Mechanical design managers reviewing
Mechanical design managers reviewing piping and instrumentation plans.

All the required wastewater treatment equipment, such as piping and vessels, is designed and manufactured in Ontario.

"Degrémont's decision recognizes Anderson's long history as a leader in industrial wastewater treatment systems," says Froelich. "The high-level research we will continue to do here will benefit clients around the world, and shows how Ontario continues to be a global leader in water research."

Why Ontario?

Ontario is playing a leadership role in the global green economy. A strong business climate, generous R&D tax credits, and strong government support have all positioned Ontario as the main hub for cleantech innovation and growth in North America. Companies that choose Ontario can leverage these advantages to cut costs, innovate and compete in the global marketplace.

"Ontario is a terrific location for us," says Anderson's Froelich. "There's a wealth of local suppliers such as valve and pipe fabricators and a talented workforce for us to draw on for water research as well as for manufacturing."

Mechanical designer
Mechanical designer's reviewing general arrangement drawings

Most of that talent emerges from Ontario's world-class universities and colleges, several of whom work with Anderson on research and help the company bring new products to market.

Another Ontario advantage: location. "There is great transportation access to serve major markets," Froelich says.

Easy cross-border accessibility enables the company to more easily partner with companies in the U.S. and develop and deliver the best solutions for process water, industrial wastewater, and water recycling throughout North America. Another advantage is ready access to the St. Lawrence and world shipping lanes allowing Anderson to provide its unique solutions to customers in thirty-five countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, China and Thailand.

Anderson Cenovus SAC (Strong Acid Cation) polishers
An installation of Anderson Cenovus SAC (Strong Acid Cation) polishers.

Versatility for growth

Moving ahead, Froelich says Anderson will continue to stress its unique product range, and its ability to address individual customer needs. That versatility, coupled with the new ion research centre, points to a prosperous future for all. The Ontario government is also partnering with Anderson and Degrémont by contributing $1 million of the $5.1 million investment.

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July 30, 2013

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