Who's Investing in Ontario

 Who's Investing in Ontario

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Database of Publicly Announced Investments

Who's investing in Ontario? Find information about hundreds of publicly announced investments using the tool below. This database is provided by E&B DATA, a leading supplier of economic and business information in North America.

Note that the listing of new capital investment projects in Ontario is based on a daily media review of public announcements. The emphasis is on investments made by the private sector, mainly industrial and commercial projects. Additional selection criteria include both the declared value of the project and job creation.

  • Declared project value: a minimum of $20 million is required for projects in the retail sector and $1 million for other types of projects

  • Job creation: permanent jobs have to be created at the facility

Please note that information published here is neither exclusive nor exhaustive. Any information critical to users' operation should be verified independently. The database contains investments from 2006 to current year. For more information, see the Database of Publicly Announced Investments FAQ and Definition of Terms.

Corrections and clarifications:
Should you be aware of projects which should be considered for this database, or wish to report any errors, please contact E&B DATA at capex@ebdata.com.

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