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 News Releases/Program Announcements - Details

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Life Sciences Leader Growing In Ontario, Canada

August 18, 2011

Ontario, Canada is helping Roche Canada expand its Mississauga facility by making it the home of a new Global Pharmaceutical Development site. This will create 200 new specialized research jobs in the region.

Roche Canada was selected as a global development site, in part, because Ontario offers the environment necessary to support drug discovery and development, including an educated and capable workforce, and a favourable business environment supported by a government that places a high strategic priority on life sciences.

"Bringing a Global Pharmaceutical Development site to Roche Canada is a testament to our skilled and talented workforce," said Ronnie Miller, President and CEO, Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Roche Canada), "And offers tremendous opportunities to solidify Ontario's reputation as a global research hub."

Minister Pupatello joins the Roche Canada team
Minister Pupatello joins the Roche Canada team announcing the company's facility expansion in Mississauga on August 16, 2011.

The expansion project will provide better healthcare by supporting research, which will lead to new medicines and clinical trials. The project will also create more opportunities for R&D partnerships with Ontario's research and teaching hospitals, universities and other research institutions.

Sandra Pupatello, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, stated that, "From the discovery of insulin to the development of 3D medical imaging technologies, Ontario has a proven track record in the development of new medicines and health technologies. We're proud to support Roche's latest investment, helping to bring a global pharmaceutical development mandate to Mississauga and creating new jobs for Ontario families."

The announcement is a testament to Ontario's international leadership in life sciences and biopharmaceuticals, and a result of the expertise Roche Canada has developed.


  • With this expansion, Roche will have more than 650 employees in Ontario.

  • About 41,500 people work in Ontario's life sciences industry.

  • In 2010, Ontario was named a top destination for foreign direct investment in North America, second only to California. The province attracted a total of 127 Foreign Direct Investment projects which created more than 11,200 jobs.

  • Ontario's corporate income tax rates are internationally competitive. Ontario's combined general federal-provincial corporate income tax rate of 26.5 per cent is lower than the average of G8 and G20 countries and lower than the average federal–state CIT rate in the United States.


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