One-window service

We take a collaborative, one-window approach to helping you find the information and insights you need to reach decisions.

We bring together a coordinated team of municipal, provincial, federal and industry representatives with the contacts, expertise and information you need, including:

  • the latest information on our economy and business climate
  • region-specific wage data, up-to-date demographic information on education levels and workforce skills, and more
  • contacts with federal, provincial and municipal officials, as well as utilities, transportation firms and business facilitators.
  • site selection support, including available commercial real estate

We also have an international network of investment specialists located around the globe to assist you in your investment decision.

Site search made easy

If you're looking for a site to set up your business operation, we can make your site selection process easier and faster.

We recently launched a program that's the first of its kind in Canada. The Investment Ready Certified Site Program can provide you with easy access to key information about properties, including locations and ownership, transportation access and utilities servicing and a completed due diligence including:

  • environmental site assessment
  • archaeological assessment
  • species at risk review, and
  • built heritage assessments

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