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  • Ontario's Commercial and Market Opportunities

    Duration: 2:00

    We all want the next great idea. The idea that changes everything. Ontario, Canada is one such idea.

    Watch, and learn about the BIG opportunities that will make Ontario, Canada -- Your Next Big Idea.

    Disclaimer: Information contained in this video was current at the time of its production. Statistics quoted are subject to change.

  • Ontario, Canada - How we can help you

    Duration: 1:51

    You'll find it easy to set up and do business in Ontario, Canada. We offer proactive and practical support to help you find the information you need and programs to help get you started fast. Once you set up, you'll find that Ontario's transparent regulatory environment and legal framework help make us one of the world's most dynamic and profitable business centres.

  • Ontario's Waterloo Region

    Duration: 3:21

    Last year, 500 startups were created in Waterloo Region, Ontario. Over 1,000 tech companies generate more than $30 billion in revenue. Why do IT companies thrive here? One reason is Communitech, a world-leading commercialization hub in Waterloo Region.

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