The best places to do business are those that are forward-thinking. They invest in educated workforces, champion quality of life for all and welcome the best talent and ideas from all over the world. These values are what matter to the companies of tomorrow - and they are Ontario’s strengths.

Transformative technologies

The next economy is being built atop new platforms and technologies. Together they will revolutionize industries and enable businesses of all sizes to operate smarter, faster and more competitively. And Ontario is a global leader in all of these.

Ontario industries

Ontario’s economy was built on a solid foundation of traditional industries such as mining, forestry and agriculture. These sectors continue to thrive in a climate of continued innovation.

Incentives for success

We make it easy to grow your business in Ontario, Canada. Discover an array of government incentive programs and services that can lower your corporate taxes and help your business save on labour costs, R&D, and expansion activities.

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We had our choice of North American jurisdictions for [our new technology centre] and in the end, we chose Ontario.

Jim Smith
President and CEO,
Thomson Reuters

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