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The Ontario Investment Office (OIO) is the face of international investment and domestic business growth for the province. But it isn’t just a governmental face – it’s a human face.

Portrait of Allan O'Dette

Allan O'Dette on linked in
Chief Investment Officer of the Ontario Investment Office

Portrait of Clare Barnett

Clare Barnett on linked in
Vice President of Investment Growth

Portrait of Trevor Dauphinee

Trevor Dauphinee on linked in
Vice President of Strategic Accounts

A brain displayed using Synaptive Medical's software.

Success Stories

Synaptive Medical: The Google Maps of Brain Surgery

Ontario's Synaptive Medical has developed innovative technology that enables surgeons to navigate the brain through clearer, three-dimensional images. Its flagship product, BrightMatter, is a suite of state-of-the-art solutions designed to help neurosurgeons plan the safest, most effective route through a patient's brain while providing advanced visualization during surgery.

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Ontario Advantages

Inspired by history, but not tethered to it

More than a century of manufacturing expertise is our foundation – leadership in industry 4.0 is our vision.

Proud of tradition, but not limited by it

World-changing accomplishments are our legacy – boundless ambition to innovate is our destiny.

Sophisticated talent and unrivalled collaboration

Intelligent people, academia and industry – a highly collaborative network exploring unlimited opportunities.

Incentives for success

We make it easy to grow your business in Ontario, Canada. We offer an array of government incentive programs and services that can lower your corporate taxes and help your business save on labour costs, R&D, and expansion activities.

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