It all started here. We've been developing machine learning and AI for a long time – 30 years in fact.

Deep learning (modern AI) was pioneered in Ontario, with many of the world's foremost AI experts passing through the University of Toronto's Machine Learning Program. It’s where Geoffrey Hinton, the godfather of AI, first posed "neural nets," which involves setting up computer systems to mimic the human brain. Now there are over 300 firms exploring and commercializing AI in the province. It’s all happening in Ontario. And it’s where OpenText lives.

A place that makes it easy to attract and retain top talent

Waterloo, Ontario-based OpenText has grown from a start-up serving niche markets to a global provider of enterprise information management technology to more than 100,000 customers in 170 countries. Their artificial intelligence platform called Magellan allows companies to predict activity within their supply chain or within talent management.

Ontario, Canada. Where the World is Going: AI


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While San Francisco and New York are both diverse cities, Toronto has a uniquely cosmopolitan technology community.

Kathryn Hume
VP of Product and Strategy

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