What could be more exciting than inventing the future? The technological convergence that intertwines genomics, artificial intelligence and biotechnology is allowing Ontario's leading minds to do just that. From regenerative medicine and synthetic biology, to precision medicine and AI-augmented drug development.

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The key to our strategy is innovation, so we have to be where innovation happens—and Ontario is that place.

Jayme Alexandre Dias de Lima
Head of Corporate Strategy
Biolab Pharmaceutical

Ontario is home to some 1,900 life sciences firms that employ some 60,000 people and generate over $38 billion in revenues annually. The pharmaceutical sector alone is responsible for $25 billion of those revenues and employs about 28,000 people.

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There's a deep expertise in stem cell biology [in Ontario], and that's what led us here—not to mention the whole ecosystem of related organizations, the world-class universities and the incredible talent pool.

Emile Nuwaysir
CEO, BlueRock Therapeutics

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