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Investors from countries such as the U.S., China, Japan and India can now gain duty-free access to European Union (EU) countries through CETA by establishing operations in Ontario.

What is CETA?

CETA stands for Canada-European Union Comprehensive Trade Agreement, Canada’s most ambitious international trade agreement since NAFTA. CETA is unprecedented in the access it provides companies in Canada to EU consumers, businesses, governments at all levels, and other public bodies such as schools and hospitals.

When does CETA come into effect?

CETA comes into effect as early as September 21, 2017, removing 98% of duties on Canadian goods entering the EU.

Which countries are involved in CETA?

CETA is an agreement between Canada and the 28 member countries of the EU, a $17 trillion economy.

How can foreign investors take advantage of CETA?

Register to download our Foreign Investor’s Guide to CETA to learn how you can leverage this historic trade agreement between Canada and the EU.

Foreign Investor's Guide to CETA

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