• Allan O'Dette

    Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
    Ontario Investment Office

    The mandate of the Ontario Investment Office (OIO) is to retain and expand business in Ontario, facilitate scale-up and growth, and attract foreign direct investment. As Chief Investment Officer, Allan is responsible for leading a cross-functional team dedicated to securing increased investment in Ontario. Allan is a tremendous supporter of business growth in the province. He’s passionate about supporting Canadian businesses and the community at-large, having served on numerous public and non-for-profit boards and committees.

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  • Ontario: Where Amazing Lives

    By: Allan O'Dette
    27 février 2018

    Canadians are so modest. Why is that? Notwithstanding some tough challenges, we live in the best country – and the best province – in the world!

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  • Ontario's Asian Opportunity

    By: Allan O'Dette
    22 janvier 2018

    Ontario’s trade mission to mainland China, Hong Kong and Vietnam produced more than $2.3 billion in deals, an impressive amount that would please any chief investment officer.

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