• Trevor Dauphinee

    Vice President, Strategic Accounts
    Ontario Investment Office

    Trevor is Vice President of Strategic Accounts, responsible for leading a high performance team focused on building and maintaining relationships with multinational and high-growth Ontario firms to encourage business retention and expansion and ultimately bring more investment into the province. Trevor is driven to help innovative companies succeed in Ontario.

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  • You may have heard about some of the exciting projects, from work in advanced manufacturing, to discoveries in artificial intelligence, that were born in Ontario. When I look back at how much our communities have grown to arrive at this place, I am filled with pride at the strides we've made as a province. I'm also a history buff and when I came across some of these photos I had to share them.

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  • How to build your network in a new city

    By: Trevor Dauphinee
    27 décembre 2017

    In my role at The Ontario Investment Office, I meet many people have recently relocated to a new city, or are considering it soon. Actively building a professional network is not easy, but it pays off.

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