Google and Communitech help University of Waterloo's Velocity program become largest free business incubator in North America

With the help of Google, Communitech and the Government of Ontario, The University of Waterloo's (UW's) Velocity program is nearly doubling in size. As a result, the free start-up incubator, which has helped nurture some of Canada's top technology companies, including Kik and Vidyard, is set to become the largest in North America.

"The added space will allow us to help accelerate the growth of high-potential companies, while making more room for start-ups and our corporate innovation partners," said Communitech President and CEO, Iain Klugman, in a release. "This gives us the foundation on which to help build 15 new $100-million companies in the Toronto-Waterloo Region corridor over the next 10 years."

Google's move to make room for 120 start-ups

Google's rapid growth demands that it leave its 30,000-plus square foot space at the Lang Tannery for the newly constructed Breithaupt Block building, which has a capacity for up to 500 employees. The opening up of their former space will allow the University of Waterloo's Velocity program to expand by 36,000 square feet – enough room for as many as 120 start-ups to work.

Google deepens ties with Communitech, University of Waterloo business incubator

According to Communitech, the organization has entered a new three-year agreement with Google to strengthen the Google for Entrepreneurs (GFE) program, while providing additional resources to Communitech's Women in Technology initiatives. "We're really excited to extend our support for high calibre tech companies in the Toronto-Waterloo Region corridor through the Google for Entrepreneurs program," said Steven Woods, Google's Senior Director of Engineering in Canada, in a release by Communitech. "With this newly expanded partnership, we look forward to working with the next generation of start-ups and tech visionaries within this incredibly talented community."

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Read the joint press release by Google, Communitech and the University of Waterloo

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