Silicon Valley covets Waterloo, Ontario talent

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Lindsay Gellman writes about how Waterloo, Ontario has become a “magnet” for Silicon Valley recruiters.

What makes Waterloo such a breeding ground for engineering talent?

The following quote from the article succinctly highlights why the innovation ecosystem in Waterloo works so well:

“Setting Waterloo apart is its cooperative learning model, which blends academic and practical experience. Roughly 20,000 students are placed with about 6,500 employers each year.”

Brain Drain or Brain Gain?

The fact that Silicon Valley recruits from Waterloo is nothing new, as indicated in this article from 2011 written by Chuck Howitt of The Record. However, it also talks about the reverse happening: “Companies in Waterloo Region are developing their own game-changing technology and big league talent from south of the border is moving north to catch the wave.”

Whatever the case, it’s clear that the University of Waterloo is outputting high calibre talent at a prolific pace—and the innovation landscape in Waterloo is expanding exponentially. Given our collaborative nature, it’s not surprising that we would share some of this rich talent with our friends south of the border.

We highly recommend you read the Wall Street Journal article in its entirety.

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