One of the world's foremost fintech events, Mobey Day, to be held in North America for the first time

Mobey Day is the premier annual event that brings fintech leaders together to lead the future of digital services. On December 7th and 8th, 2016, Mobey Day will be held in Toronto, which is not only an emerging global fintech hub, but also the commercial and financial centre of the top-ranked country on Capgemini's Customer Experience Index.

Toronto is one of the very few places in the world where finance and technology exist together in a collaborative and innovative fashion.

– Paul Parisi, PayPal

Mobey Day themes

Mobey Forum and Carta Worldwide present some of the brightest innovators the global fintech industry has to offer, covering the following themes:

How machine learning can influence UX and UI design, leading to changes in customer behaviour

"The customer journey in the financial industry is completely digitized," reads a report from Mobey Forum called Predictive Analytics in the Financial Industry, "This exponentially increases the number of interactions between a financial service company and its customers." While financial services firms once lacked the ability to deliver a truly personal, customized offering, they've come to realize they're sitting on a gold mine of data. This is because predictive analytics can now transform data into insights that guide user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, ultimately leading to positive change in customer behaviour.

Pushing the boundaries of payments – new, innovative payment solutions

Code-ification of money, markets, payments and trust is the next big inflection point in the history of financial services.

– Alec Ross, Industries of the future

"After years of hype and uncertainty, NFC [Near Field Communication] is finally here," states a Mobey Forum whitepaper on NFC mobile payment industry. "Countries in which plastic card use is the norm have witnessed an explosion in the mobile payments ecosystem." Meanwhile, investors are looking for a place with stable economic and political environments and a strong innovative ecosystem to support their businesses.

Building vision and strategy

Evolving technology and consumer behaviour are driving rapid change in the financial services industry. Mobey Day 2016 in Toronto features "content you can't google," covering the strategies and tools leading financial services firms are using to stay ahead.

Toronto, "the next global fintech hub," is the perfect place to explore what is possible when thought leaders collaborate.

November 30, 2016

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