KPMG and Oxford Economics gathered and analyzed data from 1,270 country experts from 127 participating countries to determine the capability of countries to anticipate, prepare for, manage and respond to change. Ranked 13th globally, Canada leads all countries in the western hemisphere, ahead of U.S.A. (20th), Mexico (42nd) and Brazil (59th).

The Change Readiness Index (CRI) also relies on secondary data from the World Economic Forum, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and United Nations, and is structured around three pillars:

  1. Enterprise capability
  2. Government capability
  3. People and civil society capability

Key insights for private investors from the 2015 Change Readiness Report

CRI is the only index of its kind, measuring ‘inputs such as investment into infrastructure and supportive policy investments. According to KPMG, a country’s ability to change should help inform public and private investment decisions by highlighting strengths and weaknesses of target countries. The following were included among the insights offered to private investors:

  • There is a need to carry out more detailed risk assessments on target countries, to determine whether, for example, its talent pool and infrastructure are sufficient to support a growing business.
  • Investors can screen candidates with low rankings in key pillars, and evaluate the feasibility of working in countries based upon infrastructure, technology, culture, government support and security.
  • Investors should review countries in which they currently invest or face challenges and consider whether issues such as poor technology adoption (people and civil society capability) may affect business prospects.

"By gaining a better understanding of a country’s capability to withstand and capitalize on change, governments, policy makers, NGOs, civil society institutions, development agencies, investors and private sector enterprises can identify and address capability gaps and make more informed investment decisions," say authors of the report.

Read the full report: The 2015 Change Readiness Report



September 25, 2015

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