The Ontario Service Provider Network (OSPN) connects Ontario service providers (offering business or consulting services) to companies who are looking to setup or expand their operations in Ontario but lack a local service support network. The OSPN is managed by the Business Concierge Services (BCS) team of the Ontario Investment Office (OIO).

In order to become an OSPN member, a business must:

  • be located and operating in Ontario
  • offer services in one of the OSPN service categories listed by the OIO
  • confirm that it (and its staff advisors) has met the necessary licensing and other requirements that an ordinary business operating in that sector (or sub-sector) is required to have met
  • have substantial experience (e.g. 3 years or more experience) providing their services in a commercial capacity to Ontario, Canadian and foreign companies

Benefits to becoming an OSPN member:

  • be featured within a searchable directory on the Ontario Investment Office’s website
  • become eligible to receive referrals to OIO-supported companies
  • get access to the OIO’s ‘Team Ontario’ investor support expertise and resources in support of your business clients looking to establish or grow in Ontario (BCS is the primary conduit for OSPN members looking to access OIO’s services)
  • stay up-to-date on how Ontario is supporting economic growth through its initiatives and programs


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