Participation in the OSPN will be subject to the OSPN Terms of Reference (“Terms”) and by submitting an application for membership, the authorized representatives of the applicant firm confirm that they understand, acknowledge and agree to these Terms as a basis for submitting their membership application. These Terms are not intended to create or impose legal rights and obligations for the OSPN, its members or the OIO. The OIO is not acting as a Crown agent and shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions or damages claimed by users of the OSPN.

These terms are intended to ensure that network members, OIO staff and OIO-supported companies have a clear and consistent understanding of membership expectations and parameters.

  • Purpose: The OIO, as an office within the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth (“Ministry”) of the Government of Ontario, is establishing the OSPN to support domestic and foreign companies in developing local service provider networks necessary to facilitate, expand and sustain their direct investment in Ontario.
  • Values: The OIO and participating members will work with each other and OIO-supported companies based on shared partnership values of trust, fairness, excellence, professionalism, and accountability.  For this purpose, the following interpretation of OSPN values will be used:
  • Trust OSPN members act honourably and honestly in their relationships and interactions with OIO-supported companies.
  • Fairness OSPN members deal with OIO-supported companies in an open, impartial and non-discriminatory manner.
  • Excellence OSPN members strive to provide the best advice and the highest quality services in a timely manner to OIO-supported companies.
  • Professionalism OSPN members conduct their business practices with a level of knowledge, skill and capability commensurate with the standards and ethical requirements of their respective professions in their relationships and interactions with OIO-supported companies.
  • Accountability OSPN members take responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the information and advice they provide to support business decision-making by OIO-supported companies.
  • Membership: The OSPN is not intended to create a commercial, legal or binding relationship between the OIO and network members. The OIO has sole and absolute discretion in selecting the membership of the OSPN. Membership in the OSPN is voluntary in nature and free of charge(s).  Members will be expected by the OIO to abide by these Terms, failing which membership may be revoked by the OIO at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • References: The OIO will assess each service provider’s application to determine the firm’s suitability to be an OSPN member.  The OIO assessment may involve engaging prior client references provided by the firm to better understand the firm’s area of expertise and experience supporting in-bound investments into Ontario.
  • OIO Referrals: The OIO may be asked by OIO-supported companies or potential investors to recommend Ontario service provider firms to connect with on Ontario investment projects or operations.  The OIO may consider OSPN members for such referrals.  An OIO referral of an OSPN member does not and is not intended to constitute an endorsement of the service quality or performance of the OSPN member.   The OIO expects OSPN members to respond to OIO supported companies that are referred to them within one (1) working day of being contacted by these companies.
  • No Cost Preliminary Consultation: OIO-supported companies may seek preliminary advice or information necessary for investment planning, decision-making or implementation in Ontario, where professional expertise is required.  The OIO may reach out to OSPN members to obtain such advice or information for OIO-supported companies at no charge or cost to the OIO or the OIO-supported companies.  Subject to the applicant’s declared willingness to offer such consultations, the OIO expects that such a consultation with the OIO-supported company would involve a senior partner or advisor from the OSPN member firm, in-person or via video or teleconferencing systems, at a location in Toronto or any regional location in Ontario where the OSPN member has offices, for a duration of approximately an hour to provide preliminary advice or information to the OIO-supported company on a specific investment project and providing follow-up clarification(s) as required on its advice or information provided to that OIO-supported company.  Upon request, the OIO may arrange consultations with more than one OSPN member for any OIO-supported company.  The OIO expects OSPN members to respond to the OIO within one (1) working day from the date that OSPN member receives the OIO request.
  • Complaints:  The OIO is committed to ensuring that the OSPN is a professional, high-quality and reliable support for OIO-supported companies and other potential Ontario investors.  Any complaint(s) about an OSPN member received from an OIO-supported company, as a result of an OIO referral or consultation arranged by the OIO with the OSPN member, will be assessed by the OIO as it deems appropriate. If the complaint involves a serious issue (e.g. ethical conduct or discriminatory behaviour) and/or OSPN network values are compromised, the OIO may consider membership revocation or a discontinuation of referrals (to OIO supported companies) for the OSPN member involved in the complaint.  There will be no review or appeal of the OIO’s decision to revoke OSPN membership or discontinue referrals and the service provider will not be considered by the OIO for future reinstatement of referral privileges or membership (as the case may be).
  • Confidentiality and Privacy of Information: The OIO and Ministry are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  Information collected from service provider firms for purposes of membership may be disclosed by the OIO in response to a Freedom of Information request.  Any confidential or commercially-sensitive information should be identified by the participants if they do not want it made public.
  • Insurance and Indemnification:  The OIO expects service providers who are accepted for membership in the OSPN to maintain the necessary insurance and any other coverage required by its professional or regulatory body to provide qualified advice to its own clients.
  • Marketing and Communications: 
    • Communications: OSPN members, by their participation in the OSPN are deemed to consent to receiving OIO communications during the term of their membership. OSPN members can revoke their consent to receive OIO communications by emailing and providing written notification to the OIO.
    • Marketing: OSPN members may also receive requests to support OIO’s marketing campaigns or activities for Ontario investment attraction purposes. Participation in the OIO’s marketing activities is voluntary by OSPN members.

If you have any questions please email

The OIO works to support high growth, high potential, and innovative companies to establish or expand their base of operations in Ontario and maintains close relationships with leading companies in Ontario and abroad.  Support may be in the form of information, inter-governmental dialogue facilitation or financial assistance and would vary based on the nature, scale and economic opportunity related to the investment project being led by the investor company.

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