Imagine manipulating the laws of quantum mechanics to process information. With terms like qubit, superposition and entanglement, the quantum world can seem strange indeed. It is where the smallest things can lead to the biggest breakthroughs. It's all happening in Ontario. And it's where the Creative Destruction Lab lives.

Global capital and the world's leading minds in quantum science and AI are coming to Ontario to meet with start-ups at CDL.

Sonia Sennik
Executive Director
Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)

photo of Sonia Sennik, Head of Uber ATG

Ontario has, for many years now, been a formidable contender in quantum science. Today, thanks to Toronto, Ontario-based Creative Destruction Lab's ground-breaking programs for quantum machine learning, the province - and indeed, the rest of the country - is poised to lead the global race in the quantum field.

The quantum revolution is already under way in Ontario, and the possibilities that lie ahead are limitless. To stay up-to-date with the world of quantum science in Ontario, sign up for our newsletter below.

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The science was already here in the Toronto-Waterloo technology corridor.

Kristjan Sigurdson
Associate Director
Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)

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