Canada ranks high in Site Selection magazine's sustainable development index

Canada took second place in Site Selection magazine's "Sustainability Rankings," placing ahead of the United States, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Finland and Sweden. The index offers a glimpse into what cleantech investors look for in attractive investment sites: a commitment from the local government to tackle the world's climate change challenges and a favourable business environment that attracts and retains the world's top talent.

The index balances a number of factors comprising cleantech and green industry activity, energy awareness, the built environment, redevelopment of polluted sites, policy and human well-being. Here are four reasons Canada placed second in the index.

Canada is a global leader in LEED-registered and LEED certified projects

Canada is doing its part to build a greener world, ranking first on a list of the largest users of LEED outside of the U.S., with 26.63 million gross square metres of LEED space. In 2015, 38% of the 527 projects granted LEED certification were located in Canada's commercial centre of Ontario.

Canada is a top producer of electricity from renewable sources

Canada is a top producer of renewable energy, and Ontario is inviting businesses to contribute to creating a greener future for not only its citizens, but also the entire planet. Ontario's Green Energy Act is boosting investment in renewable energy projects while its Long-Term Energy Plan aims to grow renewable energy capacity to 46% of the provinces generation capability by 2025.

Canada is rated 2nd among G7 countries in Global Well-Being Index

Investors want more than a place to grow their business, and that's why Sustainability Rankings also incorporates findings from the Gallop-Healthways Global-Welling Index as a component of their ratings.

Canada cares about clean water and protection of its vast coastline

Canada is the custodian of roughly one-fifth of the world's freshwater supply and has more coastline than any country in the world. According to Ocean Health Index, Canada takes protection of its coastline seriously, scoring 98 out of 100 for "coastal protection", 96 for "clean waters" and 90 for "coastal livelihoods and economies".

Ontario, Canada is helping lead the way to a cleaner planet

With a friendly regulatory environment and the most competitive corporate tax rates among the world's leading investment destinations, Canada has long been known as one of the best countries for business. Now, Canada and the province of Ontario, led by North America's most sustainable city, are strengthening their position as a premier location for cleantech investment.

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August 16, 2016

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