In a recent article in the Financial Post, author Quentin Casey discussed how the talent in Waterloo, Ontario is attracting Silicon Valley startups such as San Francisco-based Everalbum to the region.

Here are five illuminating points on the subject of talent that Andrew Dudum, Everalbum's co-founder makes in the article:

  1. "The people we've hired in Waterloo are incredibly talented, incredibly disciplined professionals."
  2. San Francisco's talent pool is deep, but it's spread over many companies and startups…Silicon Valley tech workers hop often between gigs.
  3. Talent in the Waterloo region is world-class and less inclined to depart after a few months.
  4. The talent in Waterloo is just as good as the talent in San Francisco and in the Valley - from a design standpoint, from an engineering standpoint - on all fronts.
  5. "If you can find a high concentration of amazing people, you have a really good shot at building something great."

Whether its tech giants like Google and SAP or startups like Everalbum, the trend is clear. U.S. companies are heading north to build great things here in Ontario.

February 25, 2016

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