Canada placed second in the Digital Effectiveness Index (DEI), part of a study by CA Technologies and Freeform Dynamics, which finds that 'digital disruptors' have twice the revenue growth and two and a half times higher profit growth than mainstream organizations.

CA Technologies is one of the largest independent software corporations in the world, creating systems software that runs in mainframe, distributed computing, virtual machine and cloud computing environments. In July 2015, the company launched a global online survey, titled "Exploiting the Software Advantage: Lessons from Digital Disruptors." The survey reached 1,442 senior IT and business executives. In-depth interviews with key industry executives supplemented findings from the survey, telling the story of how digital technology has led to changes in customer behaviour and expectations, while reducing barriers to market entry, according to a press release by CA Technologies.

CA Technologies: 'Digital disruptors' are leaving their competition behind

Authors of the report state, "Leveraging modern technology and communications to transform one or more aspects of your business to achieve a state of digital readiness has become a mainstream activity to drive ROI," but CA Technologies' CTO, Otto Berkes, adds that while "some are forging ahead, some are getting left behind." Wide differences observed in overall effectiveness and maturity of digital initiatives inspired CA Technologies and Freeform Dynamics to develop the Digital Effectiveness Index. The index identifies a top-performing group comprised of approximately 14% of respondents, who they refer to as 'digital disruptors,' while also revealing a list of countries that lead the world in digital effectiveness. Canada ranked second on the index, closely following the U.S., while Germany and France tied for third place.

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