Opportunity perception, internationalization, risk capital and human capital key to Canada's 2nd place ranking in 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index

The Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (GEDI) ranks Canada the second most entrepreneurial country in the world, according to its 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI). Canada ranked among the top two best places in the world for entrepreneurs for the second year in a row, ahead of Australia (3rd), Denmark (4th), the United Kingdom (9th), Singapore (11th), Germany (14th) and Mexico (87th).

GEDI is a not-for-profit organization that advances research focused on entrepreneurship, economic development and prosperity, and is followed closely by media outlets including The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. The GEI ranks 132 countries on four pillars for each of the following three sub-indexes: Entrepreneurial Attitudes, Entrepreneurial Abilities and Entrepreneurial Aspirations. Canada ranked within the top four of each sub-index, led by top scores across several pillars.

Canada ranks second for attitude towards entrepreneurship

Canadians' attitudes towards entrepreneurship are second best in the world, led by the highest ranking for opportunities perception, which measures the extent to which people feel entrepreneurial opportunities exist within the area they live. Canada placed ahead of every country in the world, with the exception of the United States.

Canada's high rating for entrepreneurial ability led by highly skilled human capital

Canada finished fourth in the Entrepreneurial Abilities sub-index, ahead of Sweden (5th), France (6th), the United Kingdom (7th) and Singapore (8th). Canada's ranking came as a result of high ratings for human capital and competition.

Aspiration of Canadians rated among top three in the world

In the Entrepreneurial Aspirations sub-index, Canada placed third, ahead of Australia (4th), Singapore (5th) and Switzerland (6th). Canada's third place finish can be attributed to having the world's highest score for internationalization and a 'top five' ranking for risk capital.

Canada was also recognized for its cultural support, start-up opportunities and risk acceptance.

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February 12, 2016

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