3 Reasons Cisco chose Toronto for their first innovation centre in North America

One of only nine Cisco Innovation Centres worldwide, The Cisco Innovation Centre Toronto will bring together customers, industry collaborators, start-ups, application developers, accelerators, government organizations and universities to work on real world problems that span connected cities, urban mobility, healthcare, environmental transformation and financial services.

The mantra of the Toronto Innovation Centre is 'Inspire, Innovate and Invest.' Inspire the next great minds of tomorrow, foster innovation and big ideas today and invest in the potential game-changing companies of tomorrow.

– Bernadette Wightman, president, Cisco Canada

Why Toronto was the obvious choice for its first North American innovation centre

"Toronto – North America's fourth largest city – is the perfect catalyst for innovation," states Alex Goryachev in an article posted on Cisco's corporate blog. "There are multiple calculations, proof points and experiences that help determine the right hubs for incubating, co-creating and prototyping innovations that can be applied locally and scaled globally. All the complex ingredients seem to converge quite neatly in Toronto."

  1. Toronto is a distinguished Smart City Leader

    Awarded Most Intelligent Community of the Year in 2014 by Intelligent Communities Forum, Toronto is a world-renowned smart city. Moreover, recent investments in advanced ICT infrastructure throughout the 2,000 square foot waterfront development project serve as the backbone for high-speed, secure Wi-Fi, delivering rich applications ubiquitously that interconnect neighbourhoods in both public spaces and private residences.
  2. Toronto benefits from enlightened government leadership

    Cisco Canada's Vice President of Industry Transformation, Dr. Rick Hujibregts, believes government plays an important role in creating an environment that stimulates innovation and economic growth. Collaboration between industry and government in Ontario is helping to drive the growth of the digital economy.
  3. Toronto offers a vibrant location in one of the leading smart buildings in North America

    Finally, the physical location within Toronto itself helped land the city the top spot on Cisco's shortlist. Located on the 29th floor of Cisco Canada headquarters, the state-of-the-art collaboration and demonstration facility is already regarded as one of the leading smart (commercial) buildings in North America. Add the brilliant ecosystem of start-ups, software developers, accelerators and incubators and it is easy to see why Toronto was the natural choice for the location of Cisco's first innovation centre in North America.

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February 2, 2016

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