Canadian companies received a 66% approval rating, up three percentage points over the past four years, making Canadian-headquartered companies the most trusted in the world, according to Edelman’s 2016 Trust Barometer, the firm’s annual trust and credibility survey. Sweden and Switzerland share the honour, while Germany and Australia round out the top five. The United States finished in ninth place with 56%, and Mexico last place with a 29% rating.

Edelman’s research firm, Edelman Berland, surveyed more than 30,000 people across 28 countries in October and November of 2015 to obtain data for the firm’s 16th annual report. The survey asked respondents how much they trust government, business, non-governmental organizations and the media to act responsibly.

Trust levels among countries’ elite populations at a record high

Within the report following the 2015 Trust Barometer, Edelman made the argument that a relationship exists between the level of trust earned by a business and that firm’s ability to innovate. In 2016, the theme of the report is a growing trust disparity between the informed public (elite) and the mass population. In 60% of countries surveyed, the overall approval rating from the mass population is below 50%, whereas trust levels reported by the informed public show double-digit increases, producing the highest ratings in the sixteen years Edelman has performed the survey.

Ontario, Canada attracts praise as a top location for businesses and families

Canada’s high quality of living, low corporate taxes and welcoming multicultural population has landed Canada atop several best of lists, including 'Forbes’ best countries for business,' 'U.S. News’ best countries to headquarter a business,' 'RepTrak’s most reputable countries,' 'WEF’s soundest banking systems,' and 'WEF’s most peaceful countries.' It’s no wonder that Ontario, Canada’s commercial centre, is also home to some of the world’s safest, most livable cities, and has received more foreign capital investment than any other jurisdiction in North America for the second straight year.

Learn why businesses and families are choosing to make their home in Ontario


February 4, 2016

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