Data Centre Risk Index by Cushman and Wakefield rates Canada 1st among G20 countries and 6th globally

Canada ranked sixth among 37 of the top countries for data (re)location, according to an index by Cushman and Wakefield, a global commercial real estate services company. The annual index assessed 10 physical, economic and social risks that threaten service continuity and uptime, and included a survey of more than 4,000 of their clients. According to Cushman and Wakefield, "the index is designed to assist companies in making strategic investment and operation decisions about where to locate their data, whether server rack deployments or the creation of brand new facilities."

Political instability, natural disasters and energy security risks most important considerations for data centre location

Cushman and Wakefield report growing concern over political stability, natural disasters and energy security. These now outweigh traditional drivers such as cost and connectivity. Authors of the report believe the swing reflects a number of major incidents that have taken place over the past few years, from hurricanes and tornadoes to major flooding and forest fires.

Canada is one of the safest, most peaceful countries in the G20

Economic and political stability are two very important factors when deciding where to locate one of a company's most important assets. Canada ranked seventh out of 182 countries in the Global Peace Index, far ahead of the U.S. (94th) and Mexico (144th). Canada has been rated the world's second safest from cybercrime by the Global Cybersecurity Index, and fourth on BSA's Cloud Computing Readiness Index.

Here are three reasons why Canada, and specifically Ontario, offers one of the best locations for data centres.

  1. Ontario, Canada is relatively safe from natural disasters

    As one would expect from a country of its size, safety from natural disasters, such as those caused by seismic activity, varies across Canada. However, the province of Ontario offers relative safety, and a very important benefit – businesses located in central and northern Ontario can reduce their cooling costs.

    "We can cool our facility for 210 days of the year without running the chillers,” says Mike Haeussler of IBM Canada." It saves us $320,000 a year in cooling costs.” In 2012, IBM opened the IBM Canada Leadership Data Centre in Barrie, Ontario.

  2. Reliable people, power and water

    Ontario offers reliability where it matters most. Businesses that locate in Ontario can count on reliable people, power and water, three advantages that are critically important to data centres. Corporations need to ensure their customers' data will not only be safe, but also accessible nearly 100 per cent of the time.

  3. Canada ranks among the world's most admired countries

    Of course, the location of a valuable asset such as a headquarters or data centre is not just a cost and reliability issue, it is also a brand issue. Time and time again, Canada is rated among the world's most reputable countries. In fact, U.S. News & World Report and Edelman have called Canada the best place in the world to headquarter a corporation for many of the same reasons your company needs to be here.

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September 26, 2016

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