Ontario's mining industry is the largest in Canada and one of the largest in the world. It's a shifting industry that requires highly skilled and cutting-edge talent to meet its evolving demands.

Ontario's education system can meet these challenges: our 20 universities and 24 colleges collaborate with industry and responds to their needs. Our schools adapt their curriculum and create ground-breaking training programs based on market demands.

Recently, northern Ontario's Collège Boréal identified the need in the prospecting and exploration mining market, and created a program specifically focused on developing and nurturing talent for that industry. Ontario's educational institutions are collaborative with industry partners. As a result, this year the Collège is launching a Prospecting and Exploration Technician program - the two-year program prepares students to work in the prospecting and exploration stages in the life of a mine.

This form of collaboration benefits both academia and industry partners. Based in Ontario's mining center in Sudbury, student technicians will work under the supervision of the industry's geologists, geological engineers and site managers to learn how to best meet their challenges.

Ontario is well equipped to serve your mining operations. The province has one of the highest percentages of educated talent in the world, with 65% of workers obtaining post-secondary education. Nineteen of our province's schools have mining programs based on current innovations and developments in the sector. This means you can dig deep and readily hire progressive and multi-skilled talent to meet your business needs.

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March 2, 2015

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