Google for Entrepreneurs awarded Knowledgehook — a math learning software firm that has developed an in-class tool called GameShow — with the Game Changer Award at its 2016 Google Demo Day. Knowledgehook was selected from among dozens of technology companies that work within Google's network of North American tech hubs to participate in the annual event that gives start-ups the chance to display their technology and meet Silicon Valley investors and mentors. Demo Day judge and renowned entrepreneur, Steve Case, describes Knowledgehook as "a great example of what's happening in Waterloo."

Knowledgehook's math learning software harnesses big data to help teachers boost grades

For many students, school is at times difficult, boring, or both. But what if teachers could customize the learning experience to meet the needs of students? Education technology companies like Knowledgehook use learning analytics to do just that. Its tools turn big data into knowledge that can be used to improve the learning experience, leading to greater engagement, higher grades and lower rates of failure.

The first prescriptive math software to help teachers interact with students online

During his Google Demo Day pitch, Knowledgehook Co-founder and CEO, Travis Ratnam, explained that millions of children are struggling with math because they have underlying misconceptions that go undetected and untreated. His company has been working with school boards across Ontario, including Toronto's — North America's fourth largest school district — to identify the most pervasive obstacles to learning. Once obstacles are brought to light, the tool offers gap-closing recommendations, just-in-time intervention strategies and support packages to teachers, parents and peer helpers via email. In the coming months, Knowledgehook plans to continue its expansion across Canada and the United States.

Choosing Ontario is a no-brainer for educational technology, neurotech and deep learning start-ups

Ontario is the second largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cluster in North America, birthplace of educational technology giants like D2L (Desire2Learn) and a global top-five centre for neuroscience research. It is also home to world-leading scientists across several related disciplines, such as Brain Prize-winner, Dr. Graham Collingridge, and the "godfather of neural networks," Dr. Geoffrey Hinton. Both are professors at the University of Toronto.

Learn more about North America's 2nd largest ICT cluster


June 7, 2016

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