Time and again, reports link employee engagement with lower levels of turnover, increases in productivity and ultimately higher profits. To achieve higher levels of employee engagement organizations must rely on their leaders to forge relationships that go beyond the leader-follower interactions of years past and influence employees on a level that provides greater meaning to their working lives.

Report deems successful leaders "charismatic connectors"

Research from AON Hewitt suggests leaders who successfully engage their employees excel in five key areas. Leaders who embody these characteristics are said to be "charismatic connectors," according to authors of the report, The Engaging Leader: Experiences, Beliefs and Behaviours.

  1. Establishing a shared vision and purpose
    Employees need to be shown how their roles and the company's mission statement interconnect, and understand that their hard work serves a higher purpose.

  2. Demonstrating character and integrity
    Actions speak louder than words. Leaders must demonstrate the shared core values the organization promotes.

  3. Developing and retaining talent
    Investment in developing the skills and talent of employees has been found to improve turnover rates while making employees feel valued.

  4. Applying knowledge and sound judgment
    People will naturally gravitate toward competent leaders that have a track record of success.

  5. Interacting with others
    According to AON Hewitt, engaging leaders connect with employees by being accessible. They show genuine concern and emotional presence, and they communicate authentically with their staff.

These insights came from Aon Hewitt's Global Employee Research Database of seven million respondents.

Learn more about the link between leadership and employee engagement by reading the full report



May 28, 2015

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