Ontario is partnering with Mitsui High-tec to build the company's first manufacturing facility in North America and the very first facility in Ontario producing motor cores for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Ontario is drawing from its Jobs and Prosperity Fund to support Mitsui's new facility in Brantford. The Japanese company chose Ontario because of its strong auto sector and deep pool of highly skilled talent. Production is expected to start in early 2017 and will feature Mitsui's advanced manufacturing methods to produce high-efficiency motor cores.

Mitsui High-tec's new Ontario production facility—our first in North America—will build on the close working relationship we have developed with our customers on the continent. We look forward to assembling a strong team in Brantford that will exemplify the values of innovation, quality and precision manufacturing on which our company is based.

— Yasunari Mitsui, President, Mitsui High-tec Inc.

Ontario continues to build upon its already robust auto sector by supporting companies with innovative and disruptive technologies that will help create the next generation of automobiles.


March 30, 2016

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