OneEleven's Toronto community supports 50+ high-growth tech scaleups and their 700+ employees across 105,000 square feet of space, with Wealthsimple, Borrowell, and OpenCare among the many notable alumni members of this unique community.

"OneEleven is focused on supporting software companies in their scale journey from Seed to Series A or B and to become sustainable, growing and successful software companies," says John Mavriyannakis, Chief Operating Officer at OneEleven. For a base membership fee, scaleups join an environment with a highly-curated group of peers and access to investment capital, best-in-class partners and strategic support. Additionally, founders can benefit from on-demand services that have been structured specifically for the needs of scaling, software companies. These include financial services, technology, and human resource offerings, marketing, and legal services, to name a few. The goal is to provide OneEleven members access to the services they need with providers who understand scaleups and their specific needs, allowing founders and their teams the time to focus on their core business and their customers.

"It's hard to be successful when you're focused on whether the internet is working, you have the right amount of commercial insurance, you have submitted your tax remittances on time or have the right talent to grow," states Mavriyannakis. "We can support our members by delivering these services on their behalf, giving them back the time to focus on their product, their customers and their growth."

But the secret to the success of OneEleven companies goes far beyond corporate services and space. "Tight employee relationships and community is really crucial for us, and that's really what we are providing at the end of the day. Founder, product people, marketers, developers, all get together as peer groups …there's a consensus that the overall success of everyone drives the benefit of each company that's here. You really stand on the shoulders of those before you."

According to Mavriyannakis, almost 85% of OneEleven founders are repeat, successful founders; suggesting an important ingredient to the scaleup community's track record of success may in fact be, success. "Your typical scaleup success rate is less than 50%, whereas we have a 90%+ success rate – that comes from a very tightly curated entry process as well as a close-knit community," he says.

OneEleven success stories

Here are three exciting, high-growth tech scaleups that are fast-tracking a path toward success at OneEleven. offers every employee their very own personal assistant improves the employee experience by providing everyone in the company with their own automated assistant to handle tasks such as searching for files, scheduling meetings, generating documents and much more. "It's basically a clone of an executive admin, but for all employees" says Roy Pereira, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Available on any chat platform, the application understands 170+ languages and learns your basic preferences to enable quick, hassle-free workday automation. Pereira claims an average employee can save up to 15+ hours per month using helps companies build relationships to grow sales is helping companies form relationships and build trust by using machine learning to bridge the gap between buyer and seller, using aggregated data to measure the strength of relationships. "It's not about giving you a new tool," says Paul Teshima, CEO & Co-Founder at, "instead, our AI-powered intelligent layer enhances everywhere that your team already works." makes it simple to get introduced to target client accounts, analyze deal risk, and measure customer account health.

Blue J Legal uses machine learning to empower lawyers

Blue J Legal's software means better, faster, more affordable services for law firms through streamlining the assessment process. The firm's two products, Tax Foresight and Employment Foresight, can analyze thousands of related cases to provide an initial take on the merits while citing the most relevant case law. Blue J Legal's software saves lawyers several hours of unbilled research time for each case, time that can be redirected to other billable purposes within the firm.

OneEleven continues to grow

When asked to explain how OneEleven fits into Toronto's thriving innovation ecosystem, Mavriyannakis says he doesn't see OneEleven as a competitor but a complement to any of Ontario's 49+ startup incubators and accelerators.

"Our ecosystem partners do an unbelievable job at growing [companies] from startup to scaleup. Before OneEleven there was no place for that company to go except out on their own. Moving to OneEleven helps those companies begin their scaling journey in a community of their peers. It also helps create availability for our ecosystem partners to help new startups in their journey. The net benefit is that together we help the entire ecosystem move faster," says Mavriyannakis.

OneEleven recently opened the second floor of its downtown Toronto facility, adding an additional fifty thousand square feet and providing the ability to offer the entire scaleup journey along with single entity suites for companies of 50 people and more. In addition, OneEleven opened a second location in Ottawa in summer 2018 and is soon to launch its first international location in London, England on January 1, 2019.


November 26, 2018
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