Ontario is becoming known for advanced health and fitness wearables technology

Beyond motivation, basic fitness trackers may offer little health benefit, according to an article appearing in Forbes. However, biometric tracking is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the world of wearable fitness technology and health wearables, and Toronto is a hotbed for emerging technology in both categories.

Fitness trackers move from biometric to biomechanics

One of the limitations of traditional fitness trackers is that they only collect basic biometric activity such as distance travelled, estimated number of calories burned and so on. Meanwhile, start-ups like Toronto's Ollinfit are taking fitness wearables to the next level, collecting data on biomechanics and offering real-time feedback to the user. Initially intended as a low-cost alternative to hiring a personal trainer, its accelerometer-based sensors can record the perfect golf swing or tennis stroke and teach users how to replicate the motions, Ollinfit's co-founder, Hani, said in an interview. "There are tons of opportunities for these concepts," he adds.

Made-in-Ontario health wearables improve quality of life

Breakthrough health wearables technology is helping physicians and patients improve monitoring of health conditions and enhancing quality of life. For example:

  • Glucose sensors implanted within smart contact lenses, like those developed by Ontario's Medella Health, can alleviate the need for manual testing and data analysis.
  • Exoskeletons used by Able Bionics of London, Ontario allow people who have been told they will never walk again to stand up and take steps on their own.
  • Ottawa, Ontario's eSight has developed revolutionary wearable technology that gives the legally blind the ability to see the world again.

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January 5, 2016

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