The 2015 Wearable Technologies Conference in Toronto held at the MaRS Discovery District brings together some of the most exciting, up and coming wearable technology companies along with a panel of the industry's most influential speakers.

Wearable technology is rapidly evolving IT sub-sector that promises to influence not only how we exercise and communicate, but also stands to improve health outcomes through the harvesting and analysis of big data that is stored in the cloud. The right mix of software and engineering expertise, world-renowned educational institutions and advanced research centres has helped Ontario emerge as a wearable technologies hub. Ontario has been the birthplace of industry trailblazers such as Nymi, Thalmic Labs, and Pebble.

2015 Wearable Technologies Conference exhibitors

Here are some of the innovative Ontario-based firms exhibiting at this year's Wearable Technologies Conference in Toronto:


GestureLogic, an Ottawa-based firm, introduces LEO, the next generation of wearable fitness technology. LEO provides monitoring and statistical analysis of fitness data that can optimize training efficiency while preventing injury.

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Are you looking for a toy that can help teach your kids to code? Look no further than Toronto's Linkitz. Linkitz are easy-to-fit links that combine to make dozens of different wearable toys.

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Cloud DX Inc.

Cloud DX of Toronto uploads biological data to the cloud for extensive analysis, which is later made accessible from any device or browser.

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Toronto's Vielight offers a wearable device intended to enhance mental acuity, memory and cognition.


SeeHorse of Kitchener-Waterloo has developed a wearable device for horses that improves health and performance through the monitoring of temperature, pulse and respiratory functions.

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Developed in Toronto, MagniWare is a compact (5x3 cm) patch that contains multiple sensors that simplify the collection and display of health data.

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According to Ollinfit, a Toronto-based firm, you might wear your next personal trainer on your wrists. Their device provides statistical data on training sessions along with feedback on your form.

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Pinch VR

Have you ever wished you could turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset? Well, Pinch VR actually turns your smartphone into an interactive virtual reality experience.

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