Linamar, an auto parts manufacturer with 45 locations around the globe is expanding its operations in Guelph, Ontario with the support of $50 million from the Government of Ontario. Linamar's CEO, Linda Hasenfratz was thrilled with the support shown by the government which will ensure that the company continues to innovate.

Our Canadian plants are our most productive globally thanks to a talented, skilled workforce with an amazing work ethic and a dedication to process and product innovation throughout our company. That combination of innovation and efficiency are what make us competitive on a global scale

– Linda Hasenfratz

Ontario top sub-national jurisdiction for vehicle production and quality

The talent and dedication that Linamar's CEO speaks of has helped Ontario remain the top vehicle producer and highest rated in vehicle quality manufacturing among sub-national jurisdictions in North America. In 2014, Ontario produced 2,382,218 units, accounting for 14.1% of North American light vehicle production. And when it comes to quality Ontario is virtually unmatched, winning 29 J.D. Power & Associates Initial Quality Study (IQS) awards since 1990. This accounts for nearly one-third of all J.D. Power & Associates IQS awards given to North American subnational jurisdictions over the past 35 years.

Investment continuing to roll into Ontario automotive sector

From 2010 to the present day, strategic investments by Ontario vehicle producers and major parts manufacturers (including Honda, Toyota, Ford, Magna, Chrysler, and General Motors) total more than $7.4 billion in new auto investment. Over this time, Ontario has also leveraged nearly $135 million in incremental investment in the parts and tool, die, and mould sectors through the Southwestern and Eastern Ontario Development Funds. The investment by the government and vehicle and parts producers underscore Ontario's reputation as a high-quality, auto producing jurisdiction. Our workforce makes the difference.

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April 27, 2015

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