Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo serving physics community, inspiring innovation

Neil Turok received AIP's 2016 Award for International Leadership in Physics for his many contributions to the international physics community, including his work at the world-leading Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics located in Waterloo, Ontario. In honour of John Torrence Tate, the award is given out every two years to a non-U.S. citizen in recognition of their leadership, statesmanship and service to the physics community.

Past Professor of Physics at Princeton University, former Chair of Mathematical Physics at the University of Cambridge, and founder of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Turok is known for his many books and lectures on cosmology, including theories co-developed with Stephen Hawking. In 2008, Turok took over as the Director of the Perimeter Institute, and has led it to become the world's largest hub devoted to theoretical physics research, training and educational outreach.

My goal is to get people thinking and trying to wrap their heads around the amazing things that have been achieved and to dream about what will be achieved,

- Turok told the Globe and Mail in 2012.

Quantum Valley positions Ontario on forefront of next industrial supercycle

The award confirms the Perimeter Institute (PI)'s success in capturing imagination and getting people excited about physics. But just as important is the Institute's role in catalyzing the “Quantum Valley” in the Region of Waterloo. The chain of activity – from research to experimentation to commercialization – is thriving throughout the Region's innovation ecosystem, thanks in large part to the vision of Mike Lazaridis. The area is now home to theoretical research (PI) and experimental quantum information science and technology (the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) and commercialization vehicles including Quantum Valley Investments (QVI). QVI provides funding, expertise, and support to further develop the ideas and breakthroughs in Quantum Information Science that can lead to commercial technologies and applications. Through significant investment in PI's public-private partnership, and in the IQC by the Government of Ontario, the province has established itself at the forefront of a new, emerging "quantum" revolution.

Examples of early success include a collaboration between Neptec Design group of Ottawa, Professor Thomas Jennewein of IQC and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), who are developing a first of its kind, Quantum Key Distribution Receiver (QKDR). Meanwhile, partnerships such as the one between Kevin Resch, IQC's Deputy Director, and Robert Spekkens, a member of PI's faculty, are breaking new ground in fundamental science, and holding great promise to deliver the innovations of tomorrow.

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Photo credit: photo by Gabriela Secara


March 24, 2016

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