Maplesoft continues to develop innovative software solutions in Waterloo, Ontario

We first wrote about Maplesoft when they collaborated with Toyota Canada and the University of Waterloo to win the Synergy Award for Innovation. Since that time they have been quite busy indeed.

In a recent press release, Maplesoft, a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Group in Japan, announced a number of significant advancements in MapleSim, its system-level modeling and simulation product.

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"MapleSim enables a model-driven innovation process that allows our customers to achieve valuable design insight in addition to high-fidelity simulations," says Dr. Laurent Bernardin, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist at Maplesoft. "Whether they choose to work with the Maplesoft Engineering Solutions team or on their own, the enhancements in MapleSim 2016 allow engineers to solve tough engineering problems in less time, with high quality results."

The fact that Maplesoft products and services are used by more than 8,000 educational institutions, research labs, and companies, in over 90 countries, is testament to the great innovative environment found in Waterloo. We look forward to following the ongoing success of this leading edge Japanese-owned, Ontario-based software firm.

Box containing MapleSim software
May 16, 2016

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