PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has released its 18th annual Global CEO Survey which examined the responses of 1,322 CEOs from 77 countries on a wide range of questions pertaining to challenges and uncertainties facing global CEOs. Key findings were grouped into five categories: growth, competition, technology, partnering, and diversity.

CEOs with talent diversity strategies report improved competitiveness

Insight gathered about diversity and inclusiveness suggests that the business world has reached a major tipping-point. More than two-thirds of CEOs surveyed stated that they already have a diversity and inclusiveness strategy in place, and of those who do not, nearly half say they have plans to implement within the next year. The overwhelming majority of those who've already implemented their plans (85%) believe that it has improved their bottom line. Innovativeness, collaboration, customer satisfaction, and the ability to harness technology are all said to have been positively impacted by such talent diversity strategies.

We want people in the company that have differing ideas, differing experiences, differing opinions, because we need to solve our customers' problems. The only way you do that in a world-class way is to bring a variety of people together and utilize their collective know-how. Diversity and inclusion will make us that much more competitive in the marketplace.

– Denise Ramos, Chief Executive Officer and President, ITT Corp.

Access the full report: PwC Global CEO Survey 2015

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