Toronto is the best place in the world for software developers, according to Teleport, a website that helps knowledge workers find the best places to live and work

Teleport Inc. says Toronto is the best place in the world to live for software developers, surpassing rivals New York City, London, Melbourne and Berlin. The results are based upon comparisons of 180 data dimensions from more than 58 sources, with topics ranging from active tech scene to travel connectivity.

The top qualities software developers look for in a city

According to statistics from the 13,000+ software developers that use their site, software developers look for a place with the following characteristics:

  • Low pollution
  • Low crime
  • Low living costs
  • Active start-up scene
  • Low rental cost

In order to produce results more relevant to people in the field, Teleport added five additional qualities they know tech savvy people appreciate:

  • Internet download speed
  • University quality
  • Number of tech events per year
  • Increase in start-up count (last three months)
  • Number of co-working spaces

Top 10 Reasons Toronto is the best place in the world for the tech savvy

Here is how Toronto ranks against the top global tech hubs on what matters most to software developers. (scores measured on a 10-point scale)

  1. Toronto is cleaner than New York City and London

    North America's most sustainable city out-performed both NYC and London on Teleport's pollution index by about 35%.

  2. Toronto is one of the safest cities in the world

    Ranked North America's safest city by The Economist, Toronto places second only to Melbourne for personal safety.

  3. Toronto rated second for cost of living

    With a score of more than 5.5 out of 10, Toronto finished just a few tenths of a point behind Berlin, while NYC and London both received scores of less than three.

  4. Toronto has a lively start-up scene

    Toronto's start-up scene is competitive with London and Berlin, which both scored within one point of Toronto's eight out of 10.

  5. Toronto's rental costs are much lower than NYC and London

    With a score of six, Toronto's residential rental costs rank far lower than NYC and London, which both recorded scores of one out of 10.

  6. Toronto's download speed beat London and Melbourne

    Toronto's IT infrastructure is excellent and will only continue to improve.

  7. Toronto's "university quality" ranks ahead of Berlin

    Canada has a global top 5 higher education system, and Ontario boasts two of the top computer science schools in the world.

  8. Toronto is a premier location for global tech events

    With a score of nearly nine points, Toronto rates as one of the world's hottest locations for tech events.

  9. Toronto has a rapidly growing start-up scene

    With a score of 8.5, Toronto's start-up scene is growing faster than those of Berlin and Melbourne.

  10. Co-working space abounds in Ontario's capital

    Toronto's 9.5 out of 10 for number of co-working spaces tops Berlin (eight) and Melbourne (six).


If you're looking for a near perfect start-up and tech scene, aim for London or New York City. If living costs are way more important to you, consider Melbourne or Berlin. And, if you want the best of both worlds, get ready to pack your stuff and set foot towards good ol' Canada.

– Teleport, The Best Cities for Software Developers

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September 6, 2016

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