Toronto placed third on a list of top global tech hubs, led by a favourable regulatory environment, low business costs and high quality of living. Toronto ranked ahead of San Francisco (4th), Boston (5th), London (16th) and New York City (17th).

Which cities are truly the best to work and live in?

Expert Market, a firm that connects entrepreneurs and business owners with market intelligence on equipment and resources needed to start and scale a business, compiled the list of the top 10 global tech hubs. The report offers a more balanced approach, considering what a business needs to achieve both corporate success and an enjoyable lifestyle.

As a top 3 global tech hub, Toronto ranks:

  • first for 'time to start a business'
  • ahead of Chicago and tied with London for seed funding
  • ahead of Singapore, Paris and Berlin for start-up output
  • lower than all U.S. cities on the list in terms of salary costs
  • as the third most affordable city in North America, ahead of NYC, San Francisco, L.A., Chicago and Seattle
  • third in North America for average residential rental price

25 reasons to relocate your business to Toronto

While the report by Expert Market succeeds in highlighting the importance of work-life balance in the process of corporate site selection/business relocation, there are still additional reasons the tech community is venturing north.

Read the entire list: 25 Reasons to relocate your business to Toronto, Ontario

July 11, 2016

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