The 2016 Canadian International Auto Show held in Toronto this past February garnered global attention and drew record crowds. One of the highlights of the show was Ontario's APMA Connected Vehicle Technology Showcase.

Gerry Malloy wrote a great article for the Toronto Star called Canadians on the front lines of connected car technology in which he not only detailed the aforementioned showcase, but also discussed Ontario's leadership role in on-road testing of autonomous vehicles. He highlighted the City of Stratford's citywide private and secure Wi-Fi network as an example of the collaboration that is boosting this type of innovation.

The focus on connectivity is not just because it is a key element in the development of tomorrow's cars, but because Canada - and Ontario in particular - is playing a major role in that evolution.

One of the key companies mentioned in the article was Ontario's QNX, a subsidiary of Blackberry, and a dominant player in the space, with a 50% market share in infotainment software.

Thus, it's no coincidence that QNX was also recently quoted in a Time Magazine (subscription required) cover article on connected and autonomous cars:

QNX, a tech company that is to connected cars what Microsoft is to PCs.

-TIME Magazine

A time lapse photo showing a modern city with cars driving on a highway with a TIME magazine quote: 'QNX, a tech company that is to connected cars what Microsoft is to PCs.'

And with an endorsement like that, it's becoming abundantly clear where you need to be if you are in the connected car game.

March 9, 2016

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