Invest in Ontario's feature, 10 AI companies to watch in 2019 has garnered a great deal of attention from around the world and in our local AI ecosystem. reached out to tell us all the amazing things their Ontario-based AI company was doing. This special guest feature is written in Nudge's own words.

What is Nudge? is one of the most advanced relationship intelligence platforms in the world, processing millions of signals, daily, to provide high-quality analytics. B2B sales representatives rely on these analytics to find and nurture relationships in order to generate and accelerate their pipeline. Sales leaders use Nudge's AI-powered relationship analytics to get a broad overview of the strengths of their team's relationships and rapidly understand which of their customer accounts are most at risk.

Thanks to Nudge's seamless interaction with the most popular customer outreach and management tools, they are able to effectively provide AI-powered relationship intelligence wherever customer data is being tracked. This makes it easier than ever to access new accounts, analyze deal risk, and measure account health in order to drive revenue growth.

Since launching in 2014, co-founders Paul Teshima (CEO) and Steve Woods (CTO) have raised $6.5 million in seed funding and have grown the company to 22 employees. Nudge has also landed several major enterprise clients and more than 20,000 B2B users. Nudge now tracks more than 80-million business relationships on the platform.

Last year, Nudge was announced "AI Company of the Year for 2018" by the Fintech Awards.

How does Nudge help businesses?

Nudge's award-winning relationship intelligence software does more than track communication - it uses advanced machine learning to factor in things like the history of relationships from job to job (not just per current role), the cadence of communications, and the reciprocity (amongst other analytics). This puts sales professionals in a position to access new accounts, analyze deal risk, and measure account health, ultimately driving performance metrics and sales revenue.

Nudge has helped companies like Allocadia - a Canadian Marketing Performance Management software - move to a proactive customer success model, and drive significant expansion revenue. BIA Protect - an International eDiscovery company - closed over $1M in business in the first six months after integrating the software.

What's next?

Nudge is just scratching the surface of how artificial intelligence can help sales professionals build better relationships. It highlights the interesting intersection of what's going on in the modern buyer's mind and the sales person's world at the same time. By tapping into what makes connections so valuable, sales professionals will flourish using a product like Nudge.

Why Ontario?

Ontario has one of the best ecosystems in the world to build great technology companies. Second and third-time entrepreneurs (like Paul and Steve) come back to Canada or stay in Canada to build the next big start-up - a boon to an ever-growing AI ecosystem.

Simply put: Ontario has the AI and development talent, the capital, and the ecosystem to build the next global business. With one major success already under their belt (Eloqua), Paul and Steve are looking forward to doing something bigger and better with Nudge.

April 8, 2019
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