If you’re looking for innovative ideas, creativity, and scientific investigation into technological advancement, Lockheed Martin Canada’s IMPACT Centre in Kanata, Ontario is a great place to start. The centre is designed to kick-start R&D and technical education in a collaborative setting. Open since April 2016, it offers space and resources to Canadian companies, community groups and academic institutions working in partnership with Lockheed Martin Canada.

While Lockheed Martin Canada’s aerospace capabilities are well known, the company also has an expansive naval segment. The IMPACT Centre complements Lockheed Martin Canada’s Maritime Advanced Training and Test Site (MATTS) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Strengthening the supplier and partner base

Lockheed Martin Canada suppliers are invited to use the centre for R&D and product testing. The aim is to produce results that benefit Lockheed Martin Canada while elevating its suppliers’ business competiveness. Lockheed Martin Canada also wants to attract new, high-quality suppliers, by promoting IMPACT Centre success stories.

“The IMPACT Centre offers an opportunity to meet new suppliers and look at where we might have a really good partnership,” said Rosemary Chapdelaine, vice president and general manager for Lockheed Martin Canada Rotary and Mission Systems.

Collaborating with Ontario colleges and universities

Canadian universities and colleges use the IMPACT Centre as well. Lockheed Martin Canada is currently collaborating with Ottawa’s Carleton University on a virtual reality project for possible application with existing Lockheed Martin Canada naval maintenance, training and support programs. Design students at Algonquin College in Ottawa suggested some of the interior elements used within the centre, including lighting features and room fixtures.

"As we engage with Canadian businesses and universities on our programs, we continue to find the depth of knowledge and quality of research being done in Canada equal to the best in the world. We are thrilled to invest in this Canadian capability to ensure a vibrant and technically superior supplier and partner base,” noted Chapdelaine.

Lockheed Martin Canada is particularly keen on bringing in organizations that promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education, to encourage future engineers, scientists and mathematicians. As such, community and academic groups are more than welcome.

Driving innovation for future defence capability

While other companies have technology demonstration facilities, Lockheed Martin Canada believes the IMPACT Centre provides unmatched opportunities.

Chapdelaine continued, "We can offer tremendous value by sharing our broad range of knowledge and skills forged during the execution of large complex domestic and international programs. As Canada's only domestic combat system integrator, the IMPACT Centre will open the door for other companies to join in our success as well as drive innovation for future defence capability. [It will be] products developed in Canada by Canadians.”


November 10, 2016

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