Fast-growing Toronto-based electrical transformer manufacturer seizes opportunity to tap U.S. market

Operating since 1981, Northern Transformer Corporation designs, engineers and manufactures liquid-filled transformers from its facilities in Vaughan, part of the greater Toronto area (GTA). The company currently builds transformers up to 115MVA at 160KV, meaning they can deliver custom, specialty transformers and serve large utility substations, with ambitions to move into the 230KV class market. This will enable them to compete with larger companies on virtually any size project. Northern Transformer’s CEO, Alexei Miecznikowski, explains why he is confident the company will reach its goal.

Northern Transformer in Vaughan, Ontario
"The reason we will succeed is because we are here in Ontario," says Miecznikowski. "We have our people here, we are researching and designing here, and we are going to produce here."

Northern Transformer's founder, Giovanni Marcelli, has a truly Canadian success story. Growing up in Italy in the 1960s, Marcelli had already begun to form a vision of his future. "At 14, I told my father I planned to leave Italy for a place where I could build something special," recalls Marcelli. Delivering upon his promise, Marcelli finished school, and at the age of 19, boarded a plane bound for Toronto. An electrician by trade, he began a small electrical contracting company.

By 1982, technological advances, including the release of the world's first PCs, gave Marcelli an idea. He made the decision to invest his meager savings to develop a computerized estimating system. The company, which came to be called "Accubid Systems," offered their first product a few years later was met with success in Canada and the United States, becoming the gold standard and North American market share leader for electrical estimating.

Marcelli acquired Northern Transformer in 2012, making investments aimed at modernizing and expanding the company while committing to uncompromised quality and friendly, responsive service.

Supporting clean energy solutions and Canada's push to being a global climate leader

Beyond the company's aspirations for market expansion, Miecznikowski sees a role in serving a higher purpose. "Initiatives and policies put forth by the Ontario government are creating demand for efficient, reliable electricity –and our customers are central to making that vision a reality," he tells a crowd at the company's grand opening event. "Our customer's are on the front lines to address climate change by electrifying the energy system, and our transformers are a critical component of that vision."

Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan commits the Province to growing the low-carbon economy and reducing greenhouse gas pollution. Through this plan, Ontario will provide businesses with tools and incentives to accelerate the use of clean technology, enabling companies like Northern Transformer to play a role in fighting climate change.

Conducting R&D in Ontario boosts Northern Transformer's innovation capabilities

In order to equip customers to deliver a clean, electric future, Northern Transformer is continuing its investment in innovation. This includes R&D efforts focused on design and optimization, the expansion of a workforce that has already tripled over the last six years, a new, company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and state-of-the-art tools and machinery. The company's new direction is already paying dividends as they have started exports to Renewable Energy projects across the United States.

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October 12, 2016

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