While conservation efforts and retrofit projects have helped reduce the emissions intensity of commercial and large residential buildings by nearly a third over the past decade, an increasing population and booming construction industry have meant overall emissions in Ontario have continued to rise.

Now the Ontario Government is stepping in with a commitment to spend more than $7 billion to reduce the province's carbon footprint over the next four years, and companies like Markham-based Z3 Controls are ready to contribute. "It's a great opportunity," says Mike Zambakkides, VP of Sales for Z3 Controls. "While we are seeing our business grow, we are also helping our clients save significant amounts of money on Energy."

Ontario provides a solid base for innovative cleantech businesses

NetMeter OMNI
Z3 Control's commercial energy management system, "NetMeter OMNI"

Z3 Controls Inc. specializes in enabling energy-efficient solutions. They are an advanced energy technology company that focuses on analytics, marketing and sales of energy monitoring, measurement and data-logging information systems.

Mike Zambakkides uses an analogy to describe what his company does for its customers. "Imagine a facility like a human body. You need to measure all of the necessary vitals in order to make sure it's running optimally," he says. According to Mike Zambakkides, the real-time information that Z3 Controls provides its customers has helped them reduce costs, and with incentives offered to businesses through both provincial and federal levels of government, there is very little if any up-front cost. "Depending upon the type of business, our clients often pay nothing for our product after taking advantage of the funding programs available," says Mike Zambakkides.

Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan = big opportunity for businesses like Z3 Controls

"With the new climate change initiatives, a growing economy and changing demographics, Ontario is fast becoming a major technology Hub for cleantech and green technologies focusing on energy. Ontario is a solid base for our company and for the research and design of our technology," says Mike Zambakkides.

Through its Climate Change Action Plan, Ontario has committed over $900 million over the next four years to retrofit affordable housing and residential multi-tenant buildings with energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The plan includes many programs that encourage innovation, collaboration and growth in clusters that support sustainability and the environment, including the $50-million Smart Grid Fund and the $325-million Green Investment Fund.

Top tier talent and available funding for R&D supports the growth of Z3 Controls

"We have great people here in Ontario," says Mike Zambakkides, "and we've taken full advantage of the support offered through Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), which helps us collaborate with some of the best colleges and universities. We are currently working with Seneca College and have worked on a project with York University to develop our technology."

"We believe Z3 Controls will evolve from a technology company into a full solutions provider for any and all aspects of energy management, monitoring and analysis," says Mike Zambakkides. "And Ontario is where we want to be."

Ontario's Green Build Sector at a glance


July 28, 2016

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