• Toronto based start-up makes travelling a social affair


    Toronto-based start-up, Eddy Travels, is changing the face of the travel industry by allowing users to book flights, accommodations and activities all through their voice – and in the confines of their favourite chat app.

  • Inside Ontario's AI revolution


    Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to impact our everyday lives as much as electricity did more than a century ago, and companies large and small are coming to Ontario to harness AI to uncover solutions to problems once thought impossible.

  • AI companies to watch in 2019


    Ontario is where entrepreneurial energy is combining vast amounts of data, blinding fast computing power and deep neural networks to disrupt every industry. Here are 10 Ontario-based AI companies to watch in 2019.,

  • Transforming retail through AI


    Toronto-based start-up Rubikloud is transforming retail with AI and deep learning powered by Canadian R&D.

  • AI-based chatbots are transforming customer service


    Toronto-based start-ups Wysdom and Massively are using artificially intelligent chatbots to transform customer service.

  • Borealis AI: A northern light of AI research


    Borealis AI, RBC's research institute, is pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and creating business solutions to change the world of finance.

  • How Dessa is helping enterprises harness the power of AI


    Co-founder and co-CEO of Dessa, Stephen Piron once left Toronto with aspirations of working among the best in the tech industry – that was before everything changed.

  • FDI confidence in Canada reaches all-time high


    Canada's rise in the A.T. Kearney annual Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index is indicative of the country's expanding, reliable and global economy and investors' optimism towards Canada's economic prospects.

  • Waterloo EDC and the story of ISARA Corporation

    Success story

    The story is a wonderful expose of a growing technology company, but it also clearly portrays the unique advantages of operating a tech business in Waterloo.

  • A meeting of the minds


    Ontario and Chinese researchers are exploring collaborative research and commercialization opportunities to advance cutting edge artificial intelligence and robotics technology.

  • Sentiance is getting to know you better through AI

    Success story

    Sentiance chose to locate its R&D operations in Toronto, where they're harnessing cutting edge artificial intelligence to put people at the center of product development.

  • Solid State AI: Computing at the speed of quantum

    Success story

    Founded by three Ontario entrepreneurs, Solid State AI plans to use quantum machine learning to develop new architectures for computer chips and electronic devices of the future.

  • Innovation in financial services – 6 reasons to bank on Ontario

    Success story

    Artificial Intelligence is taking the financial services industry by storm. Ontario's dominance in the field of AI is drawing attention globally. Here are six reasons why.

  • Collision tech conference moves to Toronto, Ontario


    North America's fastest growing tech conference will be moving to North America's fastest growing tech region when Collision heads to Toronto next year.

  • How Renesas is making autonomous driving a safe reality

    Success story

    Renesas landed on the perfect spot in Stratford, Ontario, where it opened its first-ever test track for autonomous vehicles in late 2017 – just the step it needed to become a leader in this innovative space.


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