• Ontario, Canada. Where the World is Going.


    Have you seen the future? Have you seen where technology will take us? Or what innovation will bring us? You will...because it's happening right now. And it's happening right here...in Ontario, Canada.

  • World's first Quantum Machine Learning Start-up Program lives in Ontario

    Success story

    Ontario has, for many years now, been a formidable contender in quantum science and artificial intelligence. Today, thanks to Toronto, Ontario-based Creative Destruction Lab's ground-breaking programs for quantum machine learning and artificial intelligence start-ups, the province – and indeed, the rest of the country – is poised to lead the global race in both fields.

  • Uber looks to Ontario to advance its self-driving technology

    Success story

    In 2017, Uber decided that if it was going to come out on top in the crowded autonomous vehicle field, it needed help making its self-driving cars smarter and less expensive. The California-based global transportation company headed straight to Toronto, Ontario.

  • Relationship advice for AI


    People are still not sure whether they can trust intelligent machines. Here are three pieces of advice to help AI overcome the challenge of evolving a trusting relationship between humans and machines.

  • 10 AI companies to watch for in 2018


    Ontario is where entrepreneurial energy is combining vast amounts of data, blinding fast computing power and deep neural networks to disrupt every industry. Here are 10 Ontario-based AI companies to watch in 2018.

  • OpenText accelerates business with AI

    Success story

    Waterloo, Ontario-based OpenText has grown from a start-up serving niche markets to a global provider of enterprise information management technology to more than 100,000 customers in 170 countries. Its location in Ontario's Toronto-Waterloo technology corridor provides a unique competitive edge.

  • Canada's first A.I.-driven exchange traded fund

    Success story

    Toronto, Ontario's Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. has always been known for industry “firsts.” The company has done it again with Canada's first A.I.-driven ETF.

  • AutoDrive Challenge: The race to build a fully autonomous vehicle


    The University of Toronto and University of Waterloo are two of eight North American universities entered in a 3-year competition to develop and demonstrate a fully-autonomous vehicle by 2020.

  • Teaching cars to think


    More than 170 companies in Ontario are teaching cars to think.

  • Deep Genomics: It's time for a paradigm shift in medicine

    Success story

    Artificial intelligence will provide the only way forward to understanding how the genome works, and will unlock insights that will drive the next generation of medicine.

  • Ontario's artificial intelligence revolution


    Companies large and small are coming to Ontario to harness AI to uncover solutions to problems once thought impossible.

  • Integrate.ai is a truly global tech company


    Canada's legacy as the birthplace of deep learning makes it, and in particular Toronto, a special place for machine learning scientists.

  • A4L uses machine learning to detect coronary artery disease


    Ontario-based firm, Analytics 4 Life is harnessing the power of machine learning and advanced signal analysis to offer a safe and cost-effective way to diagnose coronary artery disease.

  • Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence ensures the world gets more Canada


    Jordan Jacobs, co-founder of the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence offers a brief history of how Canada pioneered deep learning, and explains how Vector will ensure Canadians have a say in how AI impacts people and their everyday lives.

  • Putting artificial intelligence to work in manufacturing

    Success story

    Martin Cloake, CEO of Ottawa, Ontario-based Raven Telemetry AI, has seen what AI can do for the manufacturing industry. To fill a void in a burgeoning market, he has devised a powerful, user-friendly solution that makes sense of big data.


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