• BlackBerry: firing on all cylinders

    Success story

    Ontario-based BlackBerry, a leader in autonomous vehicle technology, credits its success to Ontario's engineering talent and supportive government.

  • Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) creates the perfect storm

    Success story

    The Automotive Centre of Excellence at Oshawa, Ontario's University of Ontario Institute of Technology is the world's leading aero and thermal test facility – which is why automakers are beating a path to the door.

  • ACERTA: Using AI to pave the way for self-driving cars

    Success story

    The platform, developed and sold by Acerta Analytics Solutions Inc., in Kitchener, Ontario, gathers huge volumes of sensor data from vehicles as they go through quality inspections on the factory floor.

  • Ontario's cars of the future debut at Automobili-D


    Ray Tanguay, former CEO of Toyota Canada and current auto advisor to the province of Ontario, delivered the keynote address reflecting on how Ontario is well-positioned to take advantage of the car of the future. With 15% of North American cars produced here already, Ontario could dominate the autonomous vehicle revolution.

  • Ontario's BlackBerry QNX moves into high gear

    Success story

    Ontario-based BlackBerry QNX, a leader in autonomous vehicle embedded intelligence, credits its success to Ontario's engineering talent, supportive government and well established auto industry.

  • Nuvation: in the driver's seat of autonomous car development

    Success story

    Waterloo, Ontario-based Nuvation, a leader in autonomous vehicle development, credits its success to Ontario’s engineering talent, IP policy and R&D tax credits.

  • BlackBerry QNX in the pole position of the autonomous car race


    BlackBerry QNX, an industry leader in automotive software, has announced the opening of their Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre (AVIC) in Ottawa.

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