• OpenText accelerates business with AI

    Success story

    Waterloo, Ontario-based OpenText has grown from a start-up serving niche markets to a global provider of enterprise information management technology to more than 100,000 customers in 170 countries. Its location in Ontario's Toronto-Waterloo technology corridor provides a unique competitive edge.

  • The world's first all-electric pickup truck: made in Ontario

    Success story

    Toronto-based Havelaar Canada, which designed and built the world's first all-electric pickup truck in just 12 months, credits its success to Ontario's engineering talent, R&D tax credits, access to global markets and government support.

  • eSight: helping the legally blind see

    Success story

    Ontario-based eSight, the world leader in wearable technology for addressing blindness, credits its success to Ontario's engineering talent, generous R&D tax credits and available venture capital.

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