• Proof: helping governments cut red tape so they focus on the programs that matter


    Proof allows governments to instantly track the status of all its approvals, closing bottlenecks and allowing prioritization of those that are urgent or overdue.

  • 10 IoT companies to watch in 2019


    Companies are using AI to uncover insights from data, increasing efficiency, minimizing downtime, managing risk and creating new products and services.

  • Canada's opportunity to become a global leader in ethical AI


    While some fear the impending wave of technological change, SAS Canada stepped forward, ready to apply knowledge, energy and values to shape AI into a force for good. It's responsibility as pioneers of machine learning and besides, it's the perfectly Canadian thing to do.

  • Toronto based start-up makes travelling a social affair


    Toronto-based start-up, Eddy Travels, is changing the face of the travel industry by allowing users to book flights, accommodations and activities all through their voice – and in the confines of their favourite chat app.

  • Where information technology lives


    Ontario is North America's second largest information technology (IT) hub, and a global centre for innovation and R&D. Exceptional talent and competitive costs attract global tech giants while a thriving innovation ecosystem boosts homegrown start-ups.

  • Inside Ontario's AI revolution


    Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to impact our everyday lives as much as electricity did more than a century ago, and companies large and small are coming to Ontario to harness AI to uncover solutions to problems once thought impossible.

  • Can AI determine the psychological state of your organization?


    Toronto start-up Receptiviti helps to make healthier workplaces using AI-powered psychological analysis.

  • Transforming retail through AI


    Toronto-based start-up Rubikloud is transforming retail with AI and deep learning powered by Canadian R&D.

  • AI-based chatbots are transforming customer service


    Toronto-based start-ups Wysdom and Massively are using artificially intelligent chatbots to transform customer service.

  • MaRS: Meet the brains behind game-changing tech


    The Toronto-based innovation centre is home to hundreds of start-ups, thriving research institutes and some of the tech world's largest innovators.

  • OneEleven's 'pay it forward' culture delivers tech scaleup success


    OneEleven is home to a community of high-performing technology scaleups. Membership in OneEleven unlocks unparalleled access to a highly-curated peer network, investment capital, best-in-class partners, on-demand services, and strategic support designed specifically to help businesses successfully navigate periods of substantial growth.

  • How Dessa is helping enterprises harness the power of AI


    Co-founder and co-CEO of Dessa, Stephen Piron once left Toronto with aspirations of working among the best in the tech industry – that was before everything changed.

  • Sentiance is getting to know you better through AI

    Success story

    Sentiance chose to locate its R&D operations in Toronto, where they're harnessing cutting edge artificial intelligence to put people at the center of product development.

  • RG System moves north in pursuit of the Canadian dream

    Success story

    RG System, the French IT management firm, had initially set stakes in the Sunshine State three years ago, but found that business demand was drawing them north as the Canadian market for their SaaS and cloud solutions began to take off.

  • IT firm SII Group finds room to grow in Ontario

    Success story

    SII Group operates in 18 countries around the world. When it came to their latest expansion in Toronto they found Invest in Ontario ready to help.


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