• 3 amazing things a GM executive just said about Waterloo


    Patterson talks with great fervor about the region's talent and ecosystem that has the automotive world taking notice.

  • Armo Tool: selling solutions

    Success story

    When German parts maker Gedia awarded Armo Tool a project to develop a stamping die for a sealing support for a new BMW, the London, Ontario-based company showed why its business has tripled since 2009.

  • Global Creativity Index: Inclusion and diversity key to Canada's fourth place ranking


    According to the results of the Martin Prosperity Institute's Global Creativity Index (GCI), companies located in Canada are the best at leveraging talent from a diverse population. Canada ranks first among 139 countries for 'tolerance,' one of the three dimensions the index uses to measure creativity.

  • GM's autonomous cars being developed in Ontario, not Silicon Valley


    As automotive technology evolves toward autonomous cars, a need arises for skilled software engineers to fill a growing gap in talent.

  • Canada #1 place in the world for youth talent


    WEF's 2015 Human Capital Index ranked Canada first out of 124 countries in the youth talent category and fourth overall, placing them ahead of Japan, U.S.A. and Germany.

  • Waterloo Region talent is fuelling success of global IT firms


    "Waterloo attracts a very diverse student population," says Lisa Zangari, Chief Human Resources Officer at OpenText, "and diverse ideas bring about greater levels of innovation." OpenText, Canada's largest software company, has been taking advantage of the Waterloo Region's world-renowned talent pool to drive innovation since 1991, when a four-person consulting project at the University of Waterloo led to the formation of the company.

  • Canada reaches top five in Global Talent Competitiveness Index


    Released on January 20th, 2015 in Davos, Switzerland, The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) is an innovative, annual benchmarking study of 103 countries. The report is produced by INSEAD and introduces the dimension of talent/human capital and its connection to competitiveness.

  • Five steps to overcoming cultural barriers to market expansion


    "Entrepreneurs and managers agree that creating value and motivating people is at the core of what they do," states Harvard Business School professor, Tarun Khanna, "but differences quickly emerge over what constitutes value and how to motivate people, and that's because conditions differ enormously from place to place, in ways that aren't easy to codify."

  • Ontario's skilled workforce gives global success for Linamar


    Linamar, an auto parts manufacturer with 45 locations around the globe is expanding its operations in Guelph, Ontario with the support of $50 million from the Government of Ontario. Linamar's CEO, Linda Hasenfratz was thrilled with the support shown by the government which will ensure that the company continues to innovate.

  • Ford GT supercar to be built in Ontario


    With the arrival of spring, Ontario is abuzz with news of fresh investment into its thriving auto sector. Most recently, Multimatic, a Markham-based company specializing in carbon fibre, has been selected to build Ford’s new GT supercar.

  • From New Delhi to North America—a journey to Ontario uncovers skilled talent and expands market access for sophisticated software company

    Case study

    Newgen Software, based in New Delhi, India, is a global provider of business process management (BPM), enterprise content management (ECM) and customer communication management (CCM) solutions. However, in order to strengthen its presence in North America, Newgen Software required a strategic location that would allow growth on a larger scale.


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