• OneEleven's 'pay it forward' culture delivers tech scaleup success


    OneEleven is home to a community of high-performing technology scaleups. Membership in OneEleven unlocks unparalleled access to a highly-curated peer network, investment capital, best-in-class partners, on-demand services, and strategic support designed specifically to help businesses successfully navigate periods of substantial growth.

  • Putting artificial intelligence to work in manufacturing

    Success story

    Martin Cloake, CEO of Ottawa, Ontario-based Raven Telemetry AI, has seen what AI can do for the manufacturing industry. To fill a void in a burgeoning market, he has devised a powerful, user-friendly solution that makes sense of big data.

  • From gaming to autonomous cars, NVIDIA shapes a fantastical future

    Success story

    NVIDIA's technology powers games, award-winning movie effects and self-driving cars. Now this California-base technology titan is aiming for even greater innovations with its first Canadian location in Toronto, Ontario.

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